How to make a Foot Cake

This cake was for a Podiatrist – or the “Foot Doctor” as they were known by friends & family! To make unusual moulds, I use high-grade aluminium foil as this holds its’ shape wonderfully when moulded & filled.

For obvious hygiene reasons I thickly cling-filmed my husband’s foot, before then wrapping the foil around it, using the foil folded for double thickness.

1 - Clingfilmed Foot2 - Foil Mould3 - Filled Mould

I opened the top widely so I could spoon in the Madeira cake mix – I use Madeira for shaped cakes as it holds its shape better – making sure the mix went right down to the toes!

I used a 10″ quantity and baked the cake at 155 deg, as i have a fav oven which tends to cook quicker. After 40 minutes i checked the cake using a skewer inserted into the thickest part of the cake – if it comes out clean the cake is cooked. The cake was done after around 1 hour 15 minutes.

4 - Baked Foot  6 - Trimmed Foot

7 - Trimmed Foot

Next comes the fun bit!

As you can see, the cake comes out in a basic foot shape, but with a few lumps & bumps from the foil. These just need trimming, and the cake needs shaping to give the foot ankles. Then fill the creases & holes with marzipan.

9 - Filling Holes8 - Filling Holes

Next coat the entire cake with an apricot glaze, mixed with a little hot water – this not only keeps the cake moist but also creates a surface for the marzipan to adhere to.Because it is an odd shape, it is best to use a piece of string to gauge the length & width the marzipan (and the icing) needs to be, then roll out the marzipan & cover the cake. While still soft, put indents into the marzipan where the toes are.

10 - Marzipan    11 - Iced

Do the same with the icing, which I coloured using flesh-coloured paste food colouring. Then add the toenails.

This is obviously a male foot, so you can’t really add any nice touches – if you use a female foot for the mould you can add nail varnish and an ankle chain.

12 - Iced

Definitely a tasty way to “put your foot in your mouth”!!

13 - Finished Cake

You can see this and all my other cakes on my website,, or my FB page,

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  1. amintiridinbucatarie says:

    it’s a great idea, I’ll keep this on my “to do” list 🙂

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