Costa Coffee Cup

A friend’s daughter wanted a Costa Coffee Cup – but with a Starbuck’s logo! – for her 18th. It also had to be dairy-free, and chocolate!!! After trying a few recipes I finally found one which would lend itself to being shaped, and made an 8″ round cake.

To make the saucer I used modelling paste to cover the board, so it could be shaped upwards at the edges by moulding it to a dinner plate, and I left it to dry for a week to make sure it was fully set. I did the same for the tea-spoon, which i made using a metal tea-spoon as a mould, before painting it silver with edible silver paint.

DSCF1034   DSCF1001


I also made the handle well in advance, again from modelling paste, and inserted “candy sticks” at both ends to act like edible dowels for securing it to the cake.


I shaped the cake like on the the larger Costa coffee cups, split & filled it with dairy-free chocolate ganache and hollowed out the top, before marzipanning it, to seal in the freshness. Doing this as soon as it is cold ensures it will stay fresh for at least a week. I then iced it with white sugarpaste then added the handle.

DSCF1035   DSCF1045


For the top I used sugarpaste but textured it slightly and painted it with creamy-white petal dust mixed with clear alcohol to give it a “frothy” appearance. I made a template of the coffee beans from acetate and used chocolate brown food dust stippled onto the top.


I gave everything a day to dry then positioned the cake on the edge of the “saucer” and added the teaspoon and message.


I was really happy with the cake – as was Charleh!

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