Aston JLS Cake

A customer wanted something really special for her daughter, who is a massive JLS fan, with Aston being her favourite.

Rather than just doing the usual models which don’t actually look like the person they are supposed to be, I decided to make a more detailed, realistic model.

I do have a basic template which allows the body parts to be made, but you then have to personalise the model. I made the body parts, and then put the legs into a sitting position, strengthening where needed with more modelling paste.

1-Body Parts

I then gave him some trendy trainers, which I also branded with the JLS logo. Then I started to dress him – black trousers first. With this type of modelling the individual pieces have to be positioned first, then assembled when dry.


While the paste was still pliable I shaped his face to make it look like Aston, added his hair, black ear-rings and the required six-pack!


I then assembled the torso & legs and left them to set.


Then I added his arms – I had already pre-shaped them, and put his right hand in the correct position to hold a mike.

8-Right Arm     9-Fully Assembled

I cut out hearts & stars in the JLS colours, plus the logo itself. I made a topper of wired hearts & stars, and printed an edible image of their latest CD.

10-Colours      11-CD Cover

Aston was then positioned on the edge of the cake, ready to serenade the birthday girl!


From the feedback I received (which you can see on my FB page –, or my website,, Chelsie loved it!!

13-Finished Cake

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