People-Pops Power!

People-Pops Power!

As I said in my last post, it was my nephews 16th birthday this week, and his mum had asked for Cookie Monster cupcakes for his birthday cake, so I decided to do my own take on the latest cake craze, cake pops, with “People Pops”!!

I have never tried making these before, so it was quite a learning curve for me.

I crumbled some cakes into very fine crumb, then made some frosting to mix with the crumbs. The frosting is a mix of buttercream & cream cheese, mixed until it is pale & fluffy.


Personally I found it a little sweet, so next time I may add more cream cheese and less buttercream.

I then rolled the mixture into small balls, but because I wanted to make them look like heads, I flattened them slightly. Then I dipped the sticks into the melted candy-melt, and inserted them part-way into the cake balls.

Another tip – at this point cover the pops with clingfilm & leave them in the fridge for as long as you can – overnight is good – this allows the melt to set on the sticks, and stops the pops coming off when you dip them.

When you melt the candy-melts, you need to add enough vegetable oil to make it quite runny, or it is too thick to quickly dip the pops into.

Once the pops were dipped I left them in a cool place to set while I prepared the “faces”.

I printed 6 edible pictures and carefully cut out the individual faces one at a time, keeping the others cool. I then attached the face to the pop, making my People Pop.


I put each one into a presentation bag, ready for the main event.


As you can see, he was quite taken with his extremely individual birthday cake!!


My totally edible 3-D decorated cakes are suitable for every occasion – have a look at my website, and you will see what I mean when I say all my cakes are “individually iced”

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